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We often feel stuck when we don’t know what to do. I have been there many times as have my clients. We paralyze ourselves with ongoing dreams of what else we’d like to do and then, reality slaps us around with how insane that idea is because we can’t lose this regular paycheck. Back to the grind.

Why does it have to be an either or choice: my dream or this reliable job? Why can’t it be both, at least for a period of time?  It can be both and the reality is that many people do exactly that. They move forward on their dreams as they continue working in jobs they are not excited about. It is a temporary situation and it provides the security you need with the chance to try something new and see if you’d like it.

How can you move forward? By taking one small step at a time. Right. But which step and how? Consider the following common blocks and strategies to overcome them:

Stop waiting for the “BIG” idea –  We all want to have great ideas. But waiting for the “BIG” idea, can really keep you stuck. Our small, poorly formed ideas scare us. What if our idea doesn’t work? Don’t wait. Take the ideas you do have and work through them no matter how tiny or inconsequential they seem. Learn as you go.

Refrain from gathering too much information – Google your small idea and before you know it you are lost in the black hole of “too much information.” It can almost be impossible to figure out the best way of doing anything. What to do? Narrow your focus. Follow your gut instincts on finding that quality content that provides a direction. Explore a few ways of doing something and pick one. You may not get it right the first time. Or you might.  Just make the best decision you can with the information you have. Adjust as needed.

Get over your fear of failure and criticism – Nobody wants to fail or be told how stupid their idea is. However, you have to start where you have to start. You will get unstuck gradually. As you explore, learn, and do more, you will begin to see things you couldn’t have seen or understood when you began. The quickest way through it is to start working your way through. You do have the ability to learn something new and become good at it. You’ve done it many times before. Also think about things you’ve previously avoided and the regrets you may have. Don’t pile up any more regrets about things you wished you’d done.

Each of these blocks are doing the same thing: they keep you stuck. Refuse to accept “stuck.” Start with what gets you excited and enthusiastic.  How can you have more/do more of that? What is one small step in that direction? Do it now.

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