Karen Darrin

“That would be you.

“Even if you’re not self-employed, your boss is you. You manage your career, your day, your responses. You manage how you sell your services and your education and the way you talk to yourself.

“Odds are, you’re doing it poorly.”

~ Seth Godin

Those words are from super-brainiac, Seth Godin’s December 4, 2010 blog. I remember reading this and being pierced through the heart with the truth of how badly I manage myself. And even now, the words still ring true.

What about you? Are YOU the worst boss you have ever had? Even more importantly, how can you be a better boss to yourself?

Improving your life is about making tweaks and adjustments to your day-to-day actions. As I pondered how I might be a better boss to myself, I came up with a number of ideas. Here are my random musings for your consideration.

Move more. Standup desk, here I come. A second walk with my dog at the end of my workday? Check. We were not meant for a sedentary life and the creaks and groans of my joints tell me this every morning.

Limit junk. Be it processed food, old, ill-fitting clothes, breaking news, or rude social media quacks, work on reducing the junk in your life.

Put a plant on your desk. Make it a Peace Lily so you can envision the oxygen it’s giving off eliminating all the “hot air” coming through your Google Hangout meeting.

Learn to say “No.” Be it people you don’t like, places or events you are not excited about or selecting the “one-stop” flight instead of the non-stop to save the company $137, start saying “no, thanks.” Your time and energy are finite resources. Use them purposefully and exactly as you want to.

Rest. Play. Repeat. The days of me putting my nose to the grindstone morning, noon and night are done. I get grouchy, tired and eventually flat out with the worst flu ever. I won’t do that to myself anymore. Insert moments where you stretch, walk in nature, escape for a 10-min meditation, or chew some good ole Bazooka and blow bubbles back at your desk. Lighten up.

Ask, “What am I recognizing myself for today?” That negative self-talk radio station in my head is so yesterday. I am forcing myself to come up with one good thing I did each day. It can be a small thing or the completion of a big project. Maybe I will keep a list of what I am proud of. No more incessant babble of “you should of done better…”

Ask, “Where was I kind today?” I don’t know about you, but I see places every day that could use a little kindness, be it a smile at the stressed out barista or truly caring what people say when you ask them “How are you?” Small turtle steps of being kinder to others translate to being kinder to me. It’s a win-win!

Gratitude. The older I get the more I see the wisdom of a gratitude practice. Shifting my focus on what I have instead of what I want, even in the day-to-day minutiae, has helped shift my life in the right direction.

Forgive yourself. I am not even close to perfect yet my mind berates me with how I did this wrong, screwed that up or hurt that person’s feelings. When I do make a mistake, I am pledging to forgive myself sooner. Beating myself up for weeks is no longer part of the program.

Invest in your inner child. What could you do, for hours on end, as a child? What activities would you engage in that would make the time fly by? Do more of that. For me it is being with animals, watching and interacting with them. I will spend more time in 2019 at the farm sanctuary I support. Bonding with animals fills my soul.

What ideas do you have of becoming your best boss ever? Small shifts can make a huge impact. And, remember, there is no place to go but up!

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