Karen Darrin


I love to see formerly abused animals blossom under new love and care. I am amazed every time I see an abused dog, cat, horse, cow, etc. who is now safe at a sanctuary (CircleL.org or BestFriends.org, my two favorites) start to trust humans again. It empowers me and renews my belief in the innate goodness in the universe.

Recently, I volunteered at a Circle L “Dogtoberfest” which is a huge party at our town square. All the non-profits and shelters bring their adoptable dogs and people from all over Arizona come to play and perhaps take home a new best friend. It was here, as I was walking around two pups for adoption, that I realized the power of giving.

I really wanted these two chihuahua mix puppies to find homes that day. I chatted up many folks during the day, and eventually did find families to adopt them.  I was over the moon with joy. It felt wonderful. Even if they hadn’t been adopted that day, I would still have felt happy because I was advertising Circle L Animal Sanctuary, hoping for more volunteers and donations. It was win-win.

But here’s the thing. I had no expectations for the day. If the dogs got adopted — GREAT!  If not, they at least had a day in the town’s square greeting folks and being ambassadors for the Sanctuary. I was happy either way.

How could I transfer this feeling of accepting any outcome to my day-to-day business? Here are the steps I identified:

  1. Be here now. Being in the moment is a first-class ticket to loving your life. Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass know what they write about! Breathe in the fresh air, smell the autumn breeze, watch the wind gently blow more leaves off the oak trees; these are magical ways to focus on the moment.
  2. Allow things to unfold. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, with or without you sticking your neck out. Let the day unfold. Observe what is happening. This can be a hard one — to let go of your expectations — but, once you do, you can truly participate in what is happening around you. For me, it was being around all the dogs and dog-loving humans and appreciating how much fun everyone was having.
  3. Let your thoughts drift by. Our minds are a constant flow of “monkey chatter.” It is how we have stayed alive all these thousands of years. But, most of the time, we are not being chased by a saber tooth tiger, so we can let those thoughts and feelings just drift by. I imagine my thoughts are clouds and the just keep moving without me latching on to them. During my Dogtoberfest day, I wanted to push certain families to adopt because I thought they’d be the perfect home. That did not feel good and my thoughts are not always right. I noticed my thoughts and let them drift by.
  4. Gratefulness. I was so grateful to be doing what I was doing that day. I had legs to walk, energy to chat up folks about the dogs, and adoration for the animals and people who love them. By noticing some of these gifts, I remained in a state of bliss.

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NOTE:  Donations and volunteers are always needed to support our special animal sanctuary in Prescott Valley, AZ. Learn more at www.circlel.org