Karen Darrin

Let’s talk about networking & referrals — most of us dread networking like the plague but it is THE most essential way to find a new job. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2016 research states that 85% of jobs were filled by REFERRALS. Yes… 85%!

How do you get referrals? Create and maintain a robust network of people who know you and your professional brand. You are someone who doesn’t just take from people. You return the favor.

My referral rule is: Always reciprocate.

Here’s how it sounds:

“Hey, Bill – been reading your posts on LinkedIn and have an idea for you. Would you have time for a 10-min call? Looks like we have a lot in common.”

Or – “Hey Liz – looks like we both are job hunting. How about we chat and share strategies? Can we speak Monday, 3/13 at 4:30 Pacific?”

Or even – “Tom – I have been out of touch but am determined to reconnect with my network especially since I am looking for a new opportunity. You were a great mentor to me at ACME. Would you be willing to spend 10 minutes on phone and share more of your wisdom? When can we speak?”

Reciprocate – this is the key. If you need LinkedIn recommendations, offer your targeted person the same in return. If you need names of recruiters, share the connections you have. This is a simple concept but we forget about helping the other person, especially when we are scrambling for a job.

When do you look for referrals? ALL THE TIME. Don’t wait until you are unemployed. Networking is simple with the online tools we have. Reach out to people. Make it a habit. Don’t neglect this important investment in your career and, yes, t’s an investment. In fact, it is AS important as keeping your skills current and resume updated – I kid you not.

Connect with five people today. Begin right now and you will be surprised at how simple but important your network will become to your career.

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Now, go out there and make it a great week!