Karen Darrin

I don’t know about you but this time of year is rather crazy-making.  Parties, presents to buy and wrap, tree to select, buy, decorate, keep alive.  It can go on and on especially if you let yourself get sucked up into the HO-HO Vortex.  I challenge you to not get sucked up into it.  Take a breathe. Yeah, that’s it. Now, take another one. Feels good, huh!

As I relax into my breathing I start to consider how I can maintain this “be in the moment” feeling.  One technique I use often is to think about how special I really am. I know. Sounds a bit self-absorbed, but I guarantee that it is not.  Think about what a unique and extraordinary genius you are. Yes, YOU! There is no one like you and never will be. Your experiences, tendencies, skills, mannerisms, values, all these things and more make up who you are.  If you’ll allow a seasonal metaphor (no; not a snowflake but I could have gone that way):  you are a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth holiday cookie. No cookies like you! Someone may try to copy it, make and bake it per the recipe, but you will never get the identical cookie. Same flavors, spices, baking methods, ovens, altitudes, mixing steps, and ingredients. You cannot replicate it.  I know this from experience.

The photo above is my Grandma. She was a baker to beat all bakers. You see some of her holiday treats in the photo. Each Christmas, I would wait for my favorite type of cookie. It was a melt-in-your-mouth party. I have all her recipes, and since her death years ago, I have tried to recreate my favorite cookie. I follow every step she has painstakingly handwritten. No go. Her cookies were exclusive and unrepeatable.

I think of my clients and how they are tracking towards that career that will make their heart sing. Yes. You can be that happy with your career. My clients find it! They find it because they are clear about what kind of “cookie” they are and why they are so spot-on for a particular role.  And they tell employers during the interview and follow-ups, why they should hire them. They know how exclusive their “Christmas cookie” is and why it would be so valued by this employer.

Getting clear on your unique genius is the key to a career that makes you feel valued, appreciated and properly rewarded. It is your “special sauce” and companies are looking for you. Do you know what makes you so significant to an employer?

NOTE:  What is your unique genius and why should you be hired by your dream employer? Let me help you get clear. Schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me here: https://karendarrin.acuityscheduling.com/  or contact me at karen@karendarrin.com. Let’s get started!