Karen Darrin

9 Steps to Create Your Best Year Yet:

  1. Mindset
  2. Imagine -> Wheel of Life
  3. Imagine -> Visualization
  4. The Framework of Change -> The Hero’s Journey
  5. The Framework of Change -> The Change Cycle
  6. Plan -> Turtle Steps
  7. Plan -> Strategy for Obstacles & Setbacks
  8. Plan -> Reward & Celebration
  9. Rinse & Repeat Steps 1 – 8

Step 3:  Imagine -> Visualization

Last week, you completed the Wheel of Life exercise. From it, you identified areas of your life that you wanted to improve. Now it is time to consider what type of improvements you really want. For example, if your Wheel of Life showed you that your area of “community” was very low and you want to be more connected to your community, what would that connection look like in 2018?

Find a quiet place, paper and pencil and meditate on this question:

“If your personal and professional life went perfectly now through the end of 2018, how did it go?  What does your life look like next year? How does it feel?”

Step into your “future self” and describe your ideal life. Write down exactly what you did (in past tense) to make your life better. As you write out a description, write it as if you’re telling another person everything you did starting right now to the end of 2018.

Use positive language and write in the past tense –

I achieved/did ____ and when I did, I felt ____….”

Here is how improving the  “community” area might sound:  “I have found a ton of new friends this year by joining a hiking club and helping out at the Food Bank. It feels so good contributing to my community and connecting with new people who also love hiking and nature.”

You have two goals here: 1) identify what you desire; and, 2) name what the feelings are of having this ideal life. Why are your feelings part of this visualization?  Here is why:  When we want something, it’s not the thing we want but the feeling that motivates and drives us. 

What’s the feeling you want to have when you create this business and personal life you want to have next year?

Here is an example from my own Wheel of Life.  In 2018, I want to double my personal development coaching business. I love what I do and I want to do more of it!  So, here is what I wrote after my visualization:

“I had an amazing 2018! I partnered with twice the # of clients I had in 2017. What a phenomenal feeling to do what I know I was born to do. It felt like I should of been paying them!”

It is critical to never ask “how” but “what” you want in your life.  If you focus on the “how,” your mind will block you. This is dreaming about how you want to feel, not calculating how crazy and impossible you think this goal might be.

Stay in a creative “what if” place. List at least three feelings you will have Dec  2018.  Generate the emotions as if you already have that best life.  Focus on experiencing each of these feelings in your body. Stay there and let it expand within you.  Do this anytime you have a positive experience. Make this a game.  Start seeing what comes to you when you operate from a place of feeling abundant rather than lacking.  You’ll get to the point where you can’t wait to see what happens. You’ll begin to realize that God/Universe is working overtime to give you a life that makes your heart soar.

A huge “thank you” hug to my 2016 Business Coach, Sherold Barr, for this powerful exercise:  http://sheroldbarr.com/

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