Karen Darrin

9 Steps to Create Your Best Year Yet:

  1. Mindset
  2. Imagine -> Wheel of Life
  3. Imagine -> Visualization
  4. The Framework of Change -> The Hero’s Journey
  5. The Framework of Change -> The Change Cycle
  6. Plan -> Turtle Steps
  7. Plan -> Strategy for Obstacles & Setbacks
  8. Plan -> Reward & Celebration
  9. Repeat Steps 1 – 8 for any other changes you’d like to make

Step 4:  The Framework of Change -> The Hero’s Journey

With Steps 4 & 5, I will share two insightful models of the phases we go through when we pursue change in our lives. This information is powerful because you will find comfort in knowing where you are in the change process and why it might be so challenging. This week, I will share Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” and next week, Martha Beck’s Model of the Change Cycle.

Joseph Campbell was an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology. In his book, “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” (1949), Campbell details a universal pattern that is common to heroic tales in every culture from “The Odyssey” to “Star Wars” to “Harry Potter.”  See http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero’s_journey.htm for the details of the pattern.

It is Campbell’s description of the hero’s inner journey that I find so empowering. Whenever I have gone through changes in my life, I can directly relate to these steps.  And my clients typically come to me at Step 2 or 3, where I act as mentor and guide for them as they continue their journey to improve their lives.

Recall a huge change that you went through. It could be a job loss, relocation, death in the family, illness, divorce, etc.  How did you move through this change?  Who was there to support and mentor you? What were your fears? Where did you struggle and why? With “The Hero’s Journey” model, you can use your recollections of that change to learn how you navigated through that major event. This information about yourself is essential to planning any successful changes you want in your life.

Now, consider the changes you want to make to improve your life in 2018. You will go through a similar process. There will be clear momentum forward and then, many times, when the change seems too difficult or your fear stops you from moving forward. With the self-awareness of how change impacts you, you can walk through the process of changing your life with your eyes more open, knowing that what you are feeling is a “normal” part of improving your life. You can also seek out support sooner in the process propelling yourself forward faster. Being respectful of what your specific needs are during a life change is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

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