Karen Darrin

Steps to Create Your Best Year Yet:

  1. Mindset
  2. Imagine
    • Wheel of Life
    • Visualization
  3. The Framework of Change
    • The Hero’s Journey
    • The Change Cycle
  4.  Plan
    • Turtle Steps
    • Strategy for Obstacles & Setbacks
    • Reward & Celebration
  5. Rinse & Repeat Steps 1 – 4

Step 2 – Imagine -> Wheel of Life

When life is busy, it’s very easy to find yourself off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of your life. While you need to have drive and focus if you’re going to get things done, taking this too far can lead to frustration and stress. The ending or beginning of a year is a great time to take an “eagle view” of your life and see where you can bring things back into balance.

This is where the Wheel of Life® (or Life Wheel) can help. It helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what’s off balance. As such, it helps you to identify areas that need more attention.

Use the following steps to create your Life Wheel and assess your balance.  Start by downloading my free worksheet which contains a blank Wheel of Life diagram shown here.

How to Complete the Wheel of Life:

  1. Review the categories on the Wheel. Change any of them that are not meaningful to you. Make this Wheel represent the many dimensions or areas of your life.
  2. Assess each area. Consider each dimension in turn, and on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high), write down the amount of attention you’re currently devoting to that area of your life. Mark each score on the appropriate spoke of your Life Wheel. Color in this segment for more visual impact.
  3. Now, consider your ideal level in each area of your life. A balanced life does not mean getting 10 in each life area: some areas need more attention and focus than others at certain times. And inevitably you will need to make choices and compromises, as your time and energy are not in unlimited supply!  So the question is, what would the ideal level of attention be for you in each life area right now?
  4. Plot the “ideal” scores around your life wheel, perhaps using a different color from your current Wheel of Life drawing.
  5. Take action.  Now you have a visual representation of your current life balance and your ideal life balance. What are the gaps? These are the areas of your life that need attention. And remember that gaps can go both ways. There are almost certainly areas that are not getting as much attention as you’d like. However there may also be areas where you’re putting in more effort than you’d ideally like. These areas are sapping energy and enthusiasm that may better be directed elsewhere.

You have now identified the areas in your life that need attention.  Next week, I will share a powerful visualization process to further clarify what you what for 2018. With these two “imagining” exercises, your best year yet is becoming clearer and more defined.

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