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For the next nine weeks, I will share the steps I walk my clients through to change their lives. You can focus on one part of your life, say, work, or invest your efforts in a number of areas, from health, relationship, or your desire to get involved in your community.  The “what” is up to you. But as you apply these steps, know that I am here as your personal development coach to support and encourage you.

Steps to Create Your Best Year Yet:

  1. Mindset
  2. Imagine
    • Wheel of Life
    • Visualization
  3. The Framework of Change
    • The Hero’s Journey
    • The Change Cycle
  4.  Plan
    • Turtle Steps
    • Strategy for Obstacles & Setbacks
    • Reward & Celebration
  5. Rinse & Repeat Steps 1 – 4

Step 1 – Mindset

A healthy mindset is essential for personal growth in any area: health, happiness, ambition or achievement. As a human being, you have amazing potential to continuously accept, and conquer, new challenges. There are few, if any, things which you cannot achieve, if you really want to achieve them. The key is that you want to achieve them enough to motivate yourself to take action.

Many people hinder their personal growth by refusing to take action. They come up with a myriad of excuses. If you do not want to be like them, you must develop a personal growth mindset. A personal growth mindset allows you to not only take on new challenges; but, to actively seek them out. All you require is an open mind, a desire to try new things, and awareness that you can improve your performance with commitment and effort. Here are some tips on how to develop and nurture a personal growth mindset:

~ Decide that you really and truly desire X in your life. 

~ Trust that you deserve to have X, even though you are flawed and haven’t “earned” it. 

~ Play like a scientist understanding that there is no failure; only feedback.

~ Accept that you will never “be ready.” This is a tough one but it is true. You will need to step out to do new things when you do not feel “ready.” Do not let your fears drive your actions. More on this later.

~ Judgments of others about you are irrelevant. Enough said!

~ If you are being self-critical, test those demeaning statements. See previous posts on “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”

~ “Self-compassion is the greatest motivator.” Dr. Kristin Neff.   Really sit with this truth validated by Dr. Neff’s research into self-compassion. Highly recommend her work:  http://self-compassion.org/

~ Focus on the experience rather than the end result.  There may be activities which you have avoided because you don’t feel that you would be any good at them. Does it really matter if you are not very good at it? You don’t need to be good at it, to you enjoy it. If you focus on the experience rather than the end result, you will have a lot more fun and you might, unwittingly, find something which you are actually good at.

~ Surround yourself with supportive friends who build you up and are cheering you on. Walk away from those who drain you. 

A personal growth mindset allows you take on new challenges, seeing only opportunities for fun and learning. There may still be tough times but when you have the right mindset, you can be more resilient and move closer to your ideal life. Isn’t that what this journey is all about?

Next week, we’ll begin with imagining what you want for 2018. Be ready to dream and scheme!

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