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Too often, we think of “success” or “doing what we love” as an end. It’s some destination that we have to reach. What many people fail to realize is that both of those terms are more of an approach to the journey, not the end of the journey itself. You are “successful” when you are walking your path, always learning, always growing. You are “doing what you love” when you see every moment as an opportunity.

It’s on you to discover what that opportunity is.

No matter where you work, or what you’re doing, there are lessons to be learned. And unless you can discover those lessons and embrace your own journey, you will never actually reach the state of feeling “successful”– in the sense that you are learning and growing and effortlessly becoming a better version of yourself.

Many people struggle with this because it means taking accountability. It is so easy to sit in a cubicle or an office or even somewhere you enjoy being and say, “This place isn’t giving me enough. It’s not making me grow.” This is the same as blaming other people for how you feel, or for your personal issues. Just like a mirror, if you point, your reflection will point back at you.

When you take accountability, you are shifting your perspective from “blame” to “ownership.” You are allowing yourself to open up and see opportunity instead of oppression. This same theory goes for everything: work, personal relationships, even the way you feel about yourself.

You Are What You Think.

If you are only thinking about problems and sorrows, that’s exactly what are you going to attract in your life. If you change your perspective and start thinking about solutions and opportunities, you are sending vibrations to attract an abundance of them.

A surprise layoff was a platform for one client to reexamine his career likes/dislikes and realize that he did not like managing people. In fact he hated it. What he wanted was to return to his individual contributor “roots” with a smaller company where his contributions would be more visible than a mega-corporation. And that is what he happily did.

If he had not been laid off and sought coaching to examine the possibilities, he is convinced he’d still be sitting in that fluorescent lighted, grey office writing employee performance reviews.

Find The Lessons.

Choose to find the positive. If you feel like you aren’t learning anything, that is nobody’s fault but yours. Chances are, someone around you knows something you don’t — and it’s on you to ask them questions. It’s on you to create moments of growth and opportunity. It’s on you to pay attention to the little things around you. It’s on you to take your own leaps of faith. Growth is rarely the result of the people in your vicinity. Growth is the result of how you utilize the people around you and create opportunities for yourself.

You have the choice to be happy or sad, complain or express gratitude, smile or frown, be productive or procrastinate, be a victim or a victor. Just remember that you always have a choice and it begins by changing the way you look at the things happening in your life.

The long road to her father’s death was the force fueling another of my client’s transition from corporate marketing to a new career creating social programs to connect and support the isolated elderly. She used her loss and grief to envision a way she can make a difference going forward.

For both of my clients, what changed their lives was shifting their perspective.

And that makes all the difference.

“You can’t change the cards you’re dealt with, but you can change how you play them.”

Randy Pausch from The Last Lecture

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