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In last week’s post, I shared the first step in how to change your thoughts —  Step 1: Notice your thoughts.  Also notice that you are not your thoughts. You are the watcher observing what your mind is thinking.

Step 2 in this process is to write down those ramblings in your mind.  Get out paper and write those suckers down.  The point here is to get them out of your head.  If they stay in your head they never leave. They return over and over, each time with more drama wrapped around it. Stop the madness. Write them down.

Why is writing out your thoughts (journaling)  such an essential tool?  Here are the benefits:

  • Frees up essential real estate – Hey, you only have so much space in your head so free up some of those brain cells.
  • Makes thoughts tangible – Your subconscious mind starts to believe that the problem (your compilation of thoughts) is smaller than it really thinks it is. A few lines on paper is not a catastrophic issue.
  • Corrals your wild mind – Ever think about one thing and end up thinking something else? Your mind can be really wild sometimes and prevent you from staying focused. When you write down your thoughts you will prevent your mind from being distracted with other unwanted thoughts.
  • To feel better – Extracting those rambunctious thoughts can unload some of your stored suppressed emotions. It is a mental version of Marie Kondo’s “life changing magic of tidying up!”

Should you handwrite or type your thoughts? There are multiple studies and debates on this one but it is essentially your choice. My preference is to handwrite my thoughts because it forces me to slow down. In fact, writing by hand requires more subtle and complicated motion from your fingers than typing, it actually increases activity in the brain’s motor cortex, an effect that’s similar to meditation.

Step 1: Notice your thoughts. Notice that you are not your thoughts.

Step 2: Write down your thoughts.

Next week, I will share Step 3 of how to change your thoughts, change your life.

CALL TO ACTION:  Experiment with writing (or typing) down your thoughts. How has this step made you feel about those thoughts now that you see them on paper (screen)?  Let’s walk through all the steps in changing your life together.  Schedule a 30-min complimentary Breakthrough Session here: https://karendarrin.acuityscheduling.com/  or contact me at karen@karendarrin.com.

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