Karen Darrin

While hiking a winding trail the other day, my little dog ahead of me scouting for varmints, I paused to look at the buds popping out on the trees and bushes. There are so many things that you can count on and Spring is one of my favorites.

I thought back to last Spring and considered all that has changed for me. Quit a job, started a job and a business, too. Sold a house. Bought and built a house. Moved to a new State. I could never have predicted all the changes or decisions I made last year. But despite the new veneer, I am the same person, albeit a year older, wiser and more at peace with myself.

With the settling in to my “new normal,” I considered what my life might be like next Spring, one year from now. You can’t predict the twist and turns of life, but what would I like to tell my “one year older” self?  I gave it some serious “noodling” and here is what I came up with.

  • Keep following what brings you peace.
  • You can’t smile and laugh too much.
  • You are skinnier than you think you are.
  • Keep wearing sunscreen and a hat. Nobody cares about your “hat hair.”
  • Be grateful for every little thing.
  • Your body will continue to change but your heart won’t. Keep following your heart.
  • Keep creating, painting, drawing, singing and dancing. Don’t judge it.
  • Keep coaching others to be more than they think they are.
  • Listen to what nature tells you.
  • Eat more greens.
  • Don’t waste a second thinking about the past. Move on.
  • It really is true that the first two bites of dessert taste better than the rest.
  • Don’t let fear hold you back.
  • When in doubt, take a nap.
  • You don’t have to get something done every day. Relax. Be more, do less.
  • Love is always the answer.

Invitation: What advice would you give your “one year older” self? Tell me about it here or send me an email at Karen@karendarrin.com   I look forward to hearing from you!