Embrace Change

There are always changes in your life, like it or not. It is best if you can quickly adapt to changes. Personally, I find it is easier to adopt changes if I have a “growth” versus “fixed” mindset. Watch Dr. Carol Dweck’s TEDx talk and consider how you might embrace a growth mindset about this company change.

Be Professional and Proactive

Maintain your spirit of professionalism in this difficult time. Do a great job. Identify things that need to be done during and after the acquisition. Make plans on how to have them done. It shows the acquiring company your value and enhances your chance to survive.

Even if this does not get you a spot in the new company, your attitude and efforts will be noticed and respected by your bosses, co-workers, and people from the acquiring company. That goes a long way and may open a door for you in the future. Either way, you will be proud of yourself which is reason enough.

Reassess your Life

Now that your work life will change, why not take this time to pause and think. Am I happy? Do I have a life-long dream I never pursue? Where do my family and I want to be in the next one, five or ten years? If you want to make some adjustments about your life, this is the time. Speak to a career coach. Enlist the aid of trusted mentors that you know. Open up to the bigger picture of what this change might do for your life’s trajectory.

Determine To Be Happy

You do not have full control of many things in your life. However, to be happy or to be not happy, that is completely under your control. No one and nothing can prevent you from being happy. Take what’s going on as an experience to enrich your life. Observe how you feel and how you think in this unique time. Enjoy every moment. A lot of times you can find peace and happiness when you turn your sights inside and completely accept the current moment.

When your employer is being acquired, remain professional, positive and calm. Act confidently but cautiously. No matter what decision you make, know that life is beautiful and this too shall pass.